Interesting reads


Brioni island, Istria, Croatia

Here is a list of some interesting reads that I like (in no particular order):

Place for inspirations when it comes to simplifying life and remaining zen.

Good recipes, yoga, relaxation and health tips. The founder of the website keeps Michael Pollan’s slogan on his office wall: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”. I agree.

As a sucker for organization tips (actual implementation of such tips often lags, but I am trying…), this site offers visuals that sooth and and useful information.

I found many good vegetarian recipes over here. I think I got meat and fish down in terms of various styles of preparation (well, the basic ones at least), but I am often on a lookout for good veggy sides and salads.

I loved the series of articles on”living with kids”, with description and visuals of cool family home enteriors across the U.S. and wider.

Useful tips on psychology of happiness and success, whatever that means to you.





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