Furniture + Art collective

On a recent trip to Charlotte, NC, my interior designer sister-in-law introduced me to SLATE. A multi-merchant venue that resembles a semi-finished warehouse space divided into spaces/rooms, sells hand-picked and mostly mid-century modern furniture, art pieces, jewelry and home accessories.  Each merchant rents a “room” that is essentially a blanc canvas ready for the artist/designer to decorate. The rooms are mostly set up as trendy and cozy living rooms, with lots of home accessories such as pillows, lamps, vases and bowls – all for sale. Paintings and pictures are on the white-washed walls. The pieces are mostly unique, many discovered in yard sales, antique malls, refurbished or hand-made. I fell in love with both the concept as well as the pieces. Enjoy perusing the web site and looking at the pictures I took.



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