Preserving kids’ art and more…

Our boys love to draw. I think they took after their awesome aunt. In our daily life this means tones of papers everywhere, surplus of mismatched color pencils and crayons, some drawings abandoned half done, others finished and amazing! The challenge was what to do with those master pieces and how to reduce all the clutter. Here are some ideas that worked for us. And some that others came up with.

  • Make little booklets

Sort the drawings, pick the ones you want to keep, write the name and age of the “artist” in a bottom corner. Take the stack to get color copies made and binded together in a little booklet. I also added the front cover page, with the “artist’s” photo and noted ages when the drawings were created. That way I could toss the originals and still keep the art. Boys love to flip through their booklets occasionally. I actually have another stack to go through and make another round of booklets.


Here is the pile waiting to be sorted out and made into new booklets:

2016-04-27 16.44.58

  • Frame and hang on the wall

Some ended up on the kid’s room walls as pretty art decoration.

  • Make virtual gallery

Speaking about that “awesome aunt”, here is what my sister does with all the great art she makes with her little daughter Mila.

If you have new ideas to share, please do.


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