Furniture and housewares window shopping

I am sucker for good furniture design. I also love checking out new and fabulous home accessories and flipping through home decoration magazines. To my family’s “dismay”, I am known to quite often move furniture and decor around our house, always trying to find that new, hopefully, better look.

I wanted to share with you some eye candy and maybe some inspirations from my recent swing through two of my favorite home stores: CB2 and BoConcept, here is Georgetown. BoConcept especially, is an amazing Danish (of course) furniture design company. As a proud owner of their Imola chair (no, not the leather one, mine is more humble grey fabric version I was lucky to get at a big discount), I can say it is as comfortable as it is beautiful looking.

And here is a beautiful view from the Key bridge, leaving Georgetown, for good night.

2016-04-30 10.30.54


One thought on “Furniture and housewares window shopping

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