Organizing kids’ toys – part 1

Our older son Sasha loved playing with cars as a little boy. We kept all of his precious trucks, cabs, racing cars even once he stopped being interested in them around age 7-8. Once his little brother arrived, and showed not a slightest interest in playing with them (he has been way more curious about insects, animals and spiders, talking about difference in interests..), the challenge was what to do with the big pile of now “abandoned” but still so “precious” automobiles.
So we came up with an idea, but we also needed some professional help to make it a reality. Enter our amazingly talented carpenter Ceda in Belgrade, Serbia, where we lived for a while. Here is one digression – living overseas provides great opportunities to for instance, have things made at much more affordable prices than in the U.S.
I gave Ceda the drawing and measurements and he did the magic. Here is the result, which not only helped us preserve but also display the favorites that Sasha decided to keep so they are this really nice wall decoration in his room. 



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