Preserving kids’ childhood memories

So once a child is born, lot of parents keep a baby book with mementos of the first baby years. As kids grow (and once they are out of the first three years, I feel like they start to grow at a faster pace!), and memories and keepsakes multiply, it is sometimes a challenge to find ways to capture the moments, keep some of the precious reminders of the childhood and declutter at the same time. About what we do with the best drawing we decide to keep, I wrote here. For other keepsakes and memories, here are a couple of ideas:

    I bought a couple of transparent 13x7x16inch plastic boxes and labeled them with my sons’ names. Now once a “life” of a “really cute 2nd grade art project or a medal” displayed in their rooms is “over”, it goes into the box. Also medals from skiing competitions, special cards, bday crowns, farewell notes from class mates, team photos, letters and such.  I hope these will make them laugh or remember more vividly special childhood moments.
    So when my older son was about three years old, I came up with the idea to make a special birthday album with few pictures from each of the birthday celebrations. I thought it would be fun, especially since he has been celebrating his birthdays in different countries, often with new friends. So we bought a scrap-book and started filling each page with few photos, decorations, noting places and friends. When my second son arrived, we got another book for him. They love going through their books from time to time, and I keep thinking and hoping they will get a kick out of it showing it to their families and loved once sometime in the future.




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