The Charm of Frederick, Maryland – part I

2016-05-29 09.04.55Over the Memorial Day weekend, we headed out-of-town to explore Frederick, Maryland. This charming town, just an hour drive from DC, boasts old colonial architecture where many new, hip small stores and top-notch restaurants and cafes are now housed.
We strolled by the newly developed canal walkway and had some ice cream in one of the shops lining the water. We walked around and explored the cool architecture. Here are few pictures of the streets and the waterfront.

We stumbled upon this amazing, fully restored old cinema/theater.

2016-05-29 09.02.38

the old cashier

Here are few more snaps of the athmosphere and some of the facades.

Wouldn’t you love to eat in this spot?

2016-05-29 09.05.19
2016-05-29 09.03.59

After the town stroll and some refreshments, we headed to the Catoctin national state park, just 20 minutes away. What a pleasant hike in the shade of all the trees on a very warm day! We even got to see an old whiskey distillery, hidden in the woods.

Part II of this little travel story will feature all the exquisite design we stumbled upon in the town. Coming soon!


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