Capsule Wardrobes: Minimalist Closet

2016-05-31 13.03.48

I like the idea of a minimalistic approach to “things” and “stuff” in life. This is why I visit this guy’s website occasionally and try to declutter regularly. I think there is a real value in exercising such approach when it comes to clothing. Most of our closets are overstuffed, yet we often think “we do not have anything to wear”. Well, I stumbled across an article about “capsule wardrobe.”

Picking a limited number of items (up to 50, for starters) to wear for 3 month (a season). I did some more web research and it seems like a great idea. In the long run, it should: 1) save money (no shopping except at the beginning of a new season for few items you may need), 2) help simplify our choices, morning routine and 3) help us assert our “personal style”.
I went through my closet. It took about an hour over couple of days. Here are the pieces I chose for the summer 2016. I will try it out and report back.

Here are few sites that may provide more inspirations. So let’s try to “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”

1. Style Bee looked into downsizing her closet, reducing clothes-shopping and at the same time developing her own style and the result is fabulous.
2. Truncation is a mom and wife who realized she was spending way too much time and money on fashion. She ventured into a path towards building a 40-piece wardrobe for each season that would leave her looking stylish yet simplify her life.
3. Effortlessgent provides hands-on tips on how to downsize a man’s closet and what those “essential pieces” are.



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