A Day in Richmond, Virginia

2016-06-06 20.35.06I have wanted to visit Richmond, VA for some time now. After a couple hours drive south from DC, we made it.

The capital of Virginia and a city rich with history, turned out to be interesting and full of contrasts. Old colonial facades and the civil war monuments mix with quite a bit of modern architecture, really cool graffiti and urban vibe in the shopping/dining area of the Carytown neighborhood. Here are some sights we liked.

2016-05-31 12.26.02

I would have no problem waiting in this area, with even a fireplace in the back room

2016-06-06 20.25.26


We made our way up the hill towards the Capitol and the administrative center.

2016-06-06 20.27.14

Beautiful fountain in the park surrounding the Capitol

2016-06-06 20.27.57

The Harry Potter building in the back was the old Town Hall, now a court house

We made our way down to the river and the canal. Brown’s island offers many nice walkways, grass fields and views of the James river and the newly developed urban living lofts.
2016-06-06 20.31.52

Along the canal and around the city, there is a lot of really cool street art.

2016-06-06 20.33.362016-06-06 20.34.11

2016-06-06 20.35.59

2016-06-06 20.36.18

Can you find my little boy in the picture?

2016-06-06 20.30.04

2016-06-06 20.24.01

Hope you enjoyed it!



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