Torpedo Factory art center, Alexandria, VA

2016-07-05 16.31.32
Located at the site of an old naval munitions factory,  Torpedo factory art center is home to a number of art galleries and studios, a highlight of the Potomac riverfront in Alexandria, VA.  Our little bunch, consisting of seven kids + two adults, enjoyed a “scavenger” hunt in the center, exploring all the art, observing artists creating and designing and playing at the Alexandria archeology museum on the top floor. I loved all the colors and patterns. Many inspirations! And the nearby marina and the dock contributed to a “seaside” vibe. A fun afternoon!
2016-07-06 20.43.58
Potomac riverfront, right behind the Torpedo Factory center = seaside vibe!

2016-07-05 16.28.39

Reminder of the building’s history

2016-07-05 16.29.21

An artist’s studio

2016-07-05 16.24.16.jpg

Love the tie dye kitchen towels and the pillows

2016-07-05 16.24.51

2016-07-05 16.30.35

How cool is this painting?

My younger one made friends with Mr. Paper Deer. Kids enjoyed the archeology museum and trying to solve a broken pottery puzzle!
2016-07-05 16.31.02


2 thoughts on “Torpedo Factory art center, Alexandria, VA

  1. as always, Maja, your photos blow me away — they put me right in the picture! I used to love going to the Torpedo Factory when I lived in Alexandria. Bought a few pieces there. and the waterfront makes it feel like an entirely different city, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing your wonderful point of view.


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