Botany Bay beach heaven

Exploring the charms of the sizzling but, oh so elegant South, we stumbled upon a magic beach, a slice of heaven. Botany Bay beach is part of a Botany Bay plantation wildlife preserve on the Edisto island in South Carolina. Just a 45 minute drive from Charleston, this beach offers unmatched views of unspoiled nature in its full force. Beautiful shells, tropical greens and nature-sculpted drift wood line and decorate the pristine beach (no swimming due to dangerous rip currents tough). From the moment you park the car in a designated lot and start a 15 minute walk towards the beach through a magnificent marsh, you feel you are about to discover something enchanting.


Car access towards the parking lot could not be more magical


Magnificent marsh with its wildlife

It is prohibited to collect or remove any shells, fossils or other natural or cultural artifacts in this nature preserve. These rules help the Mother nature design and sculpt its garden and the visitors get a chance to admire the unspoiled nature in its full beauty and force.
While my pictures can offer a glimpse of this wonderful place on Earth, they can hardly describe the breathtaking experience: the sights, the sounds of the rolling waves and the humming of the trees together with the smells of the ocean.

Since the shells cannot be removed, visitors enjoy them while on the beach, often decorating the trees and the drift wood. Or listening to the sounds of the ocean.


And here is one more for goodbye! Hope you enjoyed this little adventure!


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