Enchanting summer garden in Charlotte, North Carolina

2016-07-18 12.06.45
Every time we visit, I admire the charming garden of our extended family living in Charlotte, NC. Especially in the summer, all the nooks and crannies and ornaments come to life and bring the lush greens into life. I thought it might be interesting and maybe inspiring to show you the ornaments, outdoor planters and the seating corners thoughtfully and lovingly put together and accumulated over the years at antique markets, thrift stores and other interesting places where one can discover real treasures. Some of them looking particularly appealing having weathered many years outdoors. Let’s take a walk and look at some of the cool stuff.
2016-07-18 11.55.29
2016-07-18 11.55.10How interesting is this candle holder above? The snake sculpture looks great perched on the top of a rock. I love the color of the blue planter by the pool.

2016-07-18 11.58.43

2016-07-18 11.53.26

Seating corner

And then some romantic bird baths…

and playful sculptures, planters and decorative plates..

A garden as it should be: no staging, no perfectly trimmed bushes and glitzy new ‘big stores’ ornaments. Just bohemian, charming, weathered look that blends well with the surrounding nature and gives the place a whimsical, relaxing vibe…don’t you think?


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