Around Davidson, North Carolina

2016-07-17 22.07.39.jpg
On a recent trip down to the South, we made a stop at Davidson, North Carolina. This small town located on Lake Norman is centered around its well known college from which it got its name.
There is something about US college campuses that we European find so enchanting. The old colonial facades, signs in Latin glorifying education, vast, perfectly manicured lawns and strategically positioned benches, students riding bikes, dorms equipped with the latest “back to dorm” accessories from Target  – all creating environment that simply induces love of learning. At least this is how I see it, having graduated from a somber looking Law faculty in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, located smack downtown. This is why I get excited about prospects of our sons having the opportunity to experience such college life here in the US, if they decide to study here.
I found Davidson to be delightful. The Lake gives it a serene look. Here are some pictures I took as we walked around the lake, the campus and the main street.

2016-07-17 22.06.54

Lake Norman

2016-07-17 22.08.21

Gazebo as a rest stop during a nature hike around the lake

2016-07-17 22.09.59

Canoeing is the thing

The campus…

2016-07-17 22.14.56

Dean’s humble home

2016-07-17 22.12.13

The Guest house

And few snaps from the Main street…
2016-07-17 22.05.362016-07-17 22.05.15

2016-07-17 22.06.39

Hope you enjoyed the summer stroll!





2 thoughts on “Around Davidson, North Carolina

  1. beautiful photographs as always, Maja. It is neat to consider Sash and Nic at American colleges. Of course, they will be successful wherever they go. Thanks for sharing!


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