Wandering about King street – Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, a Southern gem, a city well-known for its elegance, well-preserved architecture, bustling restaurant scene and of course, its history.
Hospitality of the people, as well as that laid back Southern charm, make it such a popular tourist destination. I took many photos to try to capture its atmosphere and the vibe and share it with you. This particular post will focus on the sights around its popular downtown King street. I already posted here on the amazing pre-civil war architecture around Battery, the place where the first Civil war shots were fired. But now, let’s take a walk…
The old-timer fits right in. And look at those summer colors on the facade below!


And for the end, something sweet…Impressed by all of these ice cream flavor options at a local ice cream parlor. Yummy! Happy summer!


One thought on “Wandering about King street – Charleston, South Carolina

  1. beautiful pictures of an absolutely wonderful place. As usual, Maja you captured both the familiar and unusual — all lovely. I never noticed the red swoop on the building on King St. Just great!


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