Salt marsh looking spectacular in Beaufort, South Carolina

Dear friends, this post about a quaint town of Beaufort in South Carolina, concludes my “Southern living” summer edition! Before I say  “I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the South”, let’s take a look at the pictures I took in Beaufort…
I had wanted to see this town located in the center of the so-called South Carolina Lowcountry for some time. It is famous not only for its scenic location, Spanish moss draped over vegetation like an elegant shawl and its pre-war architecture, but also as a place where some of the famous old movies such as The Big Chill, The Prince of Tides and Forrest Gump were filmed. The day of our visit was overcast so not all of the pictures came out great. I still hope that some of these might help transport you to this charming southern corner!

In Americas and the U.S. South in particular, pineapple is recognized as a traditional symbol of a welcome and represents those attributes we use to describe a home – warmth, hospitality, friendship. It can be often found as decoration in alleys, on doors and textiles.
Here is more of the grand Spanish moss draped over the palm trees. It is a flowering plant that grows upon larger trees, particularly in the Lowcountry and savannas of the South. While it does steal some of the nutrients such as air and water, thus impeding trees’ growth, it does not kill trees it inhabits.
Aren’t these mansions in the Old Point neighborhood grand?
20160721_124731 And then more views of the salt marsh…
20160721_112822For those of you who might enjoy a walk around old cemeteries, this one would be interesting. We like them: quiet, elegant, whispering tons of history if you take some time to read some of the inscriptions.
We inspected a twisted tree trunk and took a rest along the road.

And for the end, I wanted to share this smart quote by Robert Smalls, born in Beaufort, SC. An African-American slave, Smalls gained freedom during and after the Civil War and became a sea-captain and a successful politician. Wish more people would behave like it in today’s world!


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