How to raise a gentleman: Boys, oh boy!

20160818_093423More than twelve years ago now, when I first found out I was having a boy, while living in Tel Aviv, in addition to of course joy of having a baby, I was a bit scared. Feeling a bit nervous too thinking about how my life, our life, will look like while raising a boy. Coming from the world of “one younger sister”, I was quite ignorant about boys, especially little baby boys who grow up and become teenage boys and then these dashing young men. Of boy –that was a lot to process.
Sasha, our older boy, turned out to be, of course, pure delight, and motherhood came naturally, even with the little boy being the focus of it. Then about five years later, while living in Kiev, we found out that charming Nick was on his way. Of yeah, double boy action! After initial, short-lived silent grief over all the pony tails I will not be making and doll tea parties I will not be having, I fully embraced boys-raising.  And then three years later, enter Mila, my sister’s beautiful, rambunctious, charming daughter arrived to this world! Life has a way to making things work out…
2016-08-18 10.33.13
The legos, car chases, drawing airplanes, wrestling (doesn’t it hurt?), not putting the seat down for mommy (again), sneakers, muddy ones in the house, tanks, snakes (!), dirty socks, nerf guns, dinosaurs, knights and dragons…

But also, dancing to good beats, piano lessons, tickle-torture, cooking together, art loving, even occasional HGTV watching (can we watch Flip or flop mommy?), lots of drawing, plenty of hugs and mommy I love yous….
It is such an honor having the opportunity to watch two brothers grow together!


A Book about Two Brothers

While the only thing I sometimes daydream of is having a girly room, all to myself (with a swing chair, tones of pastel colored pillows and string lights), the rest of the ride has been amazing, wonderful and life-changing!
Now, as the boys grow, our concern is to make sure we are indeed raising two GENTLEMEN. Gentlemen have more fun (just look at 007!) and attract the best life has to offer. So when I saw this book in a store recently, I had to buy it, to make sure we are going in the right direction.
While I recommend it as an interesting read and guide, I love some of the points meant to “lead the way to good manners”.
Be generous with compliments, but stingy with criticism
– Do not discipline your child in front of others
– Be a gracious loser and a generous winner
– Winning is not the only thing, and nice guys do finish first!

I hope you enjoyed the post. For those mommies to boys out there, how has your ride been?







2 thoughts on “How to raise a gentleman: Boys, oh boy!

  1. Boys are enigmas– so loud, sometimes crude, so funny but so blunt. But they aren’t measured– when they are sweet and tender, they are heart-meltingly sweet and tender. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff– I hope the rough edges will smooth out with time. For now, I try to raise a good person . . .who just needs a little more polishing as life goes along.


    • That is well said! I enjoy my boys immensely. They are my best teachers. And I think that for moms a boys-raising experience is very enriching…I do my best and hope they will grow up into these nice young men, enjoying life and being happy.


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