Frolicking around Hillwood Estate – Washington, DC

We enjoyed our tour of the Tudor place in Georgetown very much. So when we heard about the Hillwood estate & gardens located in the NW of Washington, DC, we were intrigued.
Learning about the life of such an impressive figure of the Washington DC society, Marjorie Post, who acquired the estate in 1955, took us on an interesting trip down the history lane: elaborate receptions on the front lawn with the view of the Washington monument, DC party circuit, amazing collection of the Russian imperial art and treasures, impeccable grounds and elaborate gardens, movie stars, diplomacy, intrigues of the Washington high society – all so glamorous. Let’s take a walk so I can show you the beautiful estate grounds: flowers, sculptures, fountains, architecture and some amazing art.
Let’s start with flowers – colorful, abundant, in full summer bloom!


Now let’s take a look at the grounds: the lawn, french and Japanese gardens…

Finally let’s take a peak inside the mansion…
And admire the crystal chandelier (!) and amazing collection of the Russian imperial treasures…

Look at this vintage kitchen appliances collection!

And here below, I loved some elaborate paterns and colors of the table tops.

I hope you enjoyed the stroll and I wish you a wonderful rest of the week! May the butterflies be with you!


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