36 Hours (and 5 years) in Belgrade, Serbia


Hotel Moskva downtown

When I read August 25 NYT article 36 Hours in Belgrade, I got excited that Belgrade, my hometown, made its way to NYT-recommended interesting places to visit.
I wanted to share the article with you in case you are considering a visit and you missed it. I also wanted to add few snaps we took over the five years we spent living in Belgrade, prior to moving back to the U.S. I had previously left Belgrade in my early twenties and came back only for short visits to see my family. When we found out we were moving to Belgrade for my husband’s job, having spent three years in Kiev, Ukraine, we were ecstatic.
Five years flew by. Many happy memories were made. Many new friendships were forged. Many old ones were revisited and revived. Many pieces of grilled meat, scoops of prebranac and shots of rakija were consumed. Belgrade will always have a special place in our hearts. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures and recommendations.


Night view of the New bridge


Krunska street – favorite place

Krunska street in Belgrade neighborhood of Vracar (Vra-cha-r) is the favorite street in the city for me. Not just because I grew up on it, but because the oak-lined street is a pleasant place to stroll and admire some pre WW II facades of old villas and mansions. Today it hosts Tesla museum, yummy Moritz ice cream and leads straight to my second favorite place in Belgrade – Kalenic, open farmers market which works every day, but peaks over the weekends. Fruits and veggies in season galore, flowers and fresh fish, meat and cheese are daily offerings. Cafe Smokvica, located just off Krunska was another favorite spot for weekend brunch or evening drinks in its cozy urban courtyard garden.
When it comes to food, many nice kafana, Balkan-style bistros, offer a wide selection of various grilled meats, salads and cheese. Our favorite was kafana Orasac, close to where we lived in Vracar.
Belgrade lies at the confluence of two large rivers – Danube and Sava. It always felt fabulous to sip on Aperol spritz at Iguana  restaurant & bar, on a Saturday afternoon, gazing at the river and people watching. A row of old ware houses turned into urban restaurant and bar scene offered a perfect setting for many girls nights out and family dinners.
We had many tasty dinners at the Homa restaurant, mentioned in the NYT article, and enjoyed its clean, bright, modern interior.


DSC_0054The amazing view of the Avala telecommunications tower, from my parents weekend cottage in the village of Zuce, in the foothills of mount Avala, just 30 minutes drive from Belgrade. Many successfully-organized BBQs with friends and family and many sunsets enjoyed, lounging on the lawn. Our younger son frolicking in the snow in Zuce.

Memorial to the Unknown WW I soldier on Avala is always a nice place for a walk too.






IMG_0165One more sunset from the Sava river….More of Belgrade….


The view from our back balcony

I hope you enjoyed this little postcard! For the end, I found this website a good resource: http://stillinbelgrade.com/




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