By the ocean at Annapolis, Maryland

How best to introduce this quaint historic town by the ocean: capital of Maryland state, home to the U.S. Naval academy, place to eat the yummy blue crab cake or a quickest gateway from DC that takes you to the water at the Chesapeake Bay?
Whichever way you choose, Annapolis, located just about 40 minutes drive from DC, was a perfect Labor day weekend destination.
We walked around the marina and admired the colorful facades of the old town houses. We took a peek at the Naval academy vast campus and thought we saw Richard Geer in a white uniform.


Naval academy window detail

When we got hungry, we had some delicious crab cake with curly fries.
The we walked some more and inhaled the sights, architecture and the ocean smell.

I enjoy a good front door, or two. Rocking chairs on a porch, always. And some funky flower pots.



I thought the poster above sums it up well: boat, fly, eat crab, enjoy historic buildings. Good design is always a treat! Happy Tuesday!


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