Apple picking at Hollin farms, Virginia

20160917_120147We enjoyed the past few days with cooler temperatures over here in Northern Virginia. It felt nice to sleep with open windows and feel a cooler breeze at night. With leaves turning, still plenty of sunshine, ‘pumpkin everything’ in the kitchen, favorite holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving coming our way, Fall is my favorite season in the US. Going out of the city to Hollin farms in Virginia to pick some apples was a perfect way to transition into the Fall vibe.  Kids enjoyed wondering about apple trees and marveling at the various colors and different varieties of the fruit.  The farm was busy and folks were also picking various Fall greens and pumkins in addition to apples. Pumpkin patch was already bustling with large pumpkin specimens waiting to be picked and carried away as Fall decoration, only to be turned into Jack o’ lantern at the end of October for Halloween.

The views of the valley and the adjoining farm fields were spectacular. 20160917_11525720160917_120552


Did you know that peanuts grew under ground? Had no idea…


Pumpkin patch ready for Halloween

Lounging on the grass and enjoying farm-made peach ice cream after the hard work.
I hope you enjoyed this Fall walk! Have a great week!


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