Coconut rice and basil pork

dd 20161008_191838Thai food is one of our favorites. We like it spicy but our younger one doesn’t, so I usually
make two types of pork to go with the amazingly fragrant coconut rice: one with red bell pepper instead of chili pepper. Our party of five (+ my older son’s sleepover buddy) wolfed this one down quickly. Better then a take out and so quick to make.

1 and 1/4 cup white basmati rice
3/4 cup water
1 can of coconut milk
1/2 pound (400 gr) of minced pork
1 red bell pepper cut in thin strips
3 small red chilies, de-seeded and cut in thin strips (for spicy version)
3 garlic cloves finely chopped
a bunch of fresh basil leaves
1 lime (or lemon) cut into quarters
Sauce for pork:
3 tbs of soy sauce
1 tbs of fish sauce
1 tsp of sugar

In a deep pan, add rice, water, coconut milk and a pinch of salt. Once it starts to boil, reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 15-20 minutes, then cover and let the rice absorb any leftover liquid.
Heat some vegetable oil in a wok (high heat) and add garlic and chili peppers (or bell pepper for non-spicy variant). Let it saute for few minutes, then add minced pork and separate it into small pieces with your wooden spoon, stirring.
Prepare sauce for the pork by mixing soy sauce, fish sauce and sugar in a small bowl. Once the pork turns brownish, in about 5-7 minutes, add sauce. Mix well and continue cooking until pork is done, in about 6-8 minutes.
Add some basil leaves. Squeeze some lime on the pork in the end. Serve over amazing coconut rice and get lost in flavors of Thailand!



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