National Gallery of Art – East Wing, Washington, DC

East wing of the Washington DC National  Gallery of Art is home to the modern art collection and several temporary exhibition spaces including installations, sculptures, photography and paintings.  After three years of construction, during which existing building was expanded and a roof top terrace was added on, it opened its doors to public at the end of September.
On a recent sunny but windy and chilly Saturday morning, we headed down to the Mall.
We admired the views of the Washington Monument and the newly unveiled U.S. Capitol (scaffolding was just recently removed after renovations).

But then we headed to the East wing to check it out and get warm. What a treat this place was!

The new building itself is such a great piece of modern architecture! Between admiring the building and its features and focusing on the displayed art, there was plenty to take in and get inspired by. This post, I will dedicate to the architectural features, while the art will be coming up soon.


The new roof top terrace with the Cock sculpture by Katharina Fritsch




The magical passage with glimmering lights which I (and the kids) was obsessed with


Had some good gelato and coffee after perusing a really cool museum shop where we got some perfect Xmas gifts.
For the end, I will leave you with this amusing and inspiring piece of art!





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