Grey rules in my (capsule) closet

20161029_143719Ever since I read about capsule wardrobe concept and wrote a post about it last summer, I had been trying to pair down my wardrobe, focusing on the pieces I really love, trying to streamline my personal style. In the process, I have noticed however, that GREY rules in my closet: various shades of it is what I reach for, keep going after and what seems to stay behind, when I purge. Additional colors such as white, black, purple and dusty rose find their way, in between, to break the rule.

In case you might be looking for some on-line inspiration for your Fall/winter closet, or maybe because you, like me, love GREY, here is a round-up of some of my favorite pieces that I reach for on most days, whether dressing for work, or going somewhere more casual over the weekend.

The picture above is obviously not my wardrobe, but is my BoConcept chair – grey of course.
These are some basic eleven pieces I wear over and over again. In a future post, I will showcase my additional colors and present the full capsule wardrobe for the Fall. I find having less clothes so liberating and such a big time saver.
For the end – my work tote (good for carrying anything from work lunch, spare pair of shoes, kids’ crayons and coloring books, library books…) and my season’s favorite nail polish! Wishing you a good week ahead (and a good scare tomorrow for the Halloween!).





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