Magnificent Colors of the Fall in DC area

20161106_141309Fall is truly magnificent over here. Brisk mornings, but comfortably warm days, still plenty of sunshine and wonderful colors all around, make this season such a delight in the Washington, DC area. Over the past two weekends we tried to get out of the town on hikes and admire the leaves turning, streams rolling over rocks, sun shining through the branches and shadows play as the sun was setting among the trees. I wanted to share some of the sights with you. Mother nature is its full Fall glory. Let’s go for a hike:


My younger son leading the way in Manassas National Battlefield Park, VA

We like to go for hikes in Manassas National Battlefield Park in Virginia. I know this is an important and historic site that my husband and older son are really into (Civil war buffs that they are), but I mostly come along for the nature, which is beautiful. On this balmy Sunday in late October, Manassas delivered, as always.

Over the weekend in early November, we ventured to Shenandoah mountains to see the peak of the Fall foliage – colors of the leaves turning before the winter sleep. We hiked, jumping over rocks, and across fallen tree trunks, dry leaves crackling under our feet and sun rays piercing through the branches. Nature – always the best playground.


The Buck horn trail was awesome!
For the end – play of shadows. Wishing you a wonderful week, wherever you are.



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