At the Botanical Gardens for Season’s Greenings

Thanksgiving is now behind us. Turkey leftovers are almost gone. A bit of pumpkin pie still in the fridge. Bracing for the next wave of winter holidays! Christmas decorations have been going up around DC and the area. Even our next door neighbors have put up their xmas lights already! So I hope to share some of the Christmas spirit and atmosphere in our area with you over the next few weeks.
Over the weekend we headed over to the Washington Botanical Gardens for Season’s Greenings (yep! Greenings)- National Parks and Historic Places exhibit. Kids especially enjoyed the electric trains that chugged down the tracks by miniature buildings and landmarks made out of plants. A giant xmas tree was up, seasonal music was on and the place looked pretty festive. Let’s take a look…



We also admired some flowers and were awed by the xmas tree.

On the way out, I took this pretty amazing picture of the Capitol. The sky changing creating this really atmospheric light! Wishing you a great week!



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