Time to decorate – Santa is coming soon!

20161204_181411.jpgThis month seems all about putting up holiday decorations, admiring all the beautiful lights (guilty! I LOVE string lights!), attending or hosting holiday parties, getting last minute presents for the loved ones, getting that sparkling top or silver shoes, gearing up to say goodbye to 2016 and embracing 2017. Some of us might be traveling (yeah!) or staying at home to have friends or family over…whatever the plans, there is definitely holiday spirit in the air over here.
Last night we decorated our tree. We have been doing an artificial one for some time now. Since we move often, and sometimes to places warm, where Christmas trees are scares or not existent, we decided to get an eco tree and have it with us all the time. We also love trees very much and prefer that they stay in the ground and thrive!
I thought I give you a glimpse of some of our favorite ornaments, collected over time in places near and far. Wherever we travel, we get one! We have GW, Turkish dervish, Palestinian snow man, Ukrainian ballerina, a candy heart from Belgrade, a tram from Lisbon and many other fun ornaments…Hope this amuses you, inspires you or helps you get you into that holiday mood….Wishing you a great week!


Some more lights for the end! Enjoy!


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