Holidays in the City – Washington, DC


20161217_151031It has been a busy few weeks. The city got into the holiday spirit: decorations were out, holiday music was on, people rushed to get the shopping done and presents ready, holiday parties galore and restaurants and bars seemed busier then ever.
As promised, I tried to capture some of atmosphere and the holiday spirit around us. From the White House Christmas tree, to the Downtown holiday market, and the Old Post office building, the city looked festive.


Giant Christmas tree in front of the White House

The enormous, “biggest Christmas tree in the world” in front of the White House looked monumental. Kids liked the train set and a mini city around it.



The White House in the afternoon sun


Carolers in high spirits

The Old Post Office building located downtown on Pennsylvania Avenue  is an amazing piece of architecture from the late 19th century. Until 1914, it served as the city’s main post office. Its clock tower and and facade details are pretty captivating. Now turned into the luxurious Trump hotel, we checked out the interior which looked pretty glam.


Finally, we stopped by the Downtown Holiday market and enjoyed some hot chocolate and churros and perused holiday stalls.

As always, wishing you a great holiday week!



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