Winter in Belgrade, Serbia – Part 1

20161229_160050.jpgHello there in 2017! I hope you all had good holidays, some relaxing times, good food and time to recuperate, reflect and prepare to embrace the new year. As my first post in 2017, I wanted to share some of the experiences we had over the holidays. We traveled to my home town Belgrade, Serbia and spent much-needed time with the family and friends. Sun was out, air was crisp and the city looked festive. As usual, let’s take a walk and in this post, I will show you some of my favorite buildings, architecture and moods.
Christmas markets were up, downtown was bustling in anticipation of holidays.


National Theater



Architecture around the main pedestrian area


National Parliament


Christmas ornaments in Trg Nikole Pasica next to the Parliament

Stylish doorways always and some foggy streets.
Belgrade has gotten quite a reputation for its rocking night life and we tried it in Gajba, part of the Mladost-Ludost party central. Had a blast!

Here are few pictures from my favorite part of town Vracar, where I grew up. Tesla museum and some nice villas (mostly built post WWII as the city was heavily destroyed during the war) line the central Krunska street.


My high school – AKA Osma



Architecture Faculty on one of the Main Boulevards in Vracar

Belgrade lies at the confluence of two rivers Danube and Sava. A visit would not be complete without some shots from the newly built walkway by the rivers, future spot of much debated Belgrade on the water project, seeking to shift the city’s center closer to the rivers.



Many bars and cafes (splavs) floating on the water spring to life over warm summer days and nights

Hope you enjoyed this little walk. Gastronomy will feature in the next post so stay tuned!
Happy Friday!

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