Waterfront at the National Harbor, Maryland

Just 25 minutes drive from our house in Arlington, Virginia (and 15 minutes drive from downtown DC) lies a recently developed waterfront on Potomac river – National Harbor. On a wet, but mild, winter afternoon, we headed over to check it out and stroll along the river. We hung out at the marina, admiring the Ferris wheel, perusing shops, drinking hot chocolate and climbing the giant “Awakening” statue. Fun afternoon!
The “Awakening” is a statue designed by J. Seward Johnson Jr, originally located at Hains Point in Washington DC (sold to the National harbor developer in 2008 and moved there). It is an impressive 22 m high statue of a giant struggling to free himself from the earth – a perfect playground for kids.

We had fun among statues of famous Americans and American inventions.


Famous 1926 Ford car

Considering it was the inauguration weekend, we had to check out a local souvenir American store selling amusing inauguration paraphernalia.
The WH cook book looked like it could be a fun read! And then if you ever needed to have that White House tooth-brush, this was the place to get it! Hope you enjoyed our little stroll. Stay warm!



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