Minimalist or Just “Hygge”?

It all started when my sister gave me Marie Kondo’s best seller book – “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up” over holidays.
I knew that it was “old news”, a hit book last Christmas, but I never got around to reading it, until now. I have always been into de-cluttering, regular purging, trying to keep home organized and tidy, so I finished it over couple of days. With the renewed enthusiasm, I set off on the latest mission to organize and get rid of “things that do not bring me (us) joy”. . .
Once I filled the bags with clothes, books and objects that were surplus, I dove into folding and organizing closets and drawers. Once done, I felt lighter, and happier with how my closet, kids rooms and in general our house looked.
Even though I had always liked to think of myself as a minimalist (hence my posts on capsule wardrobe here and here), when I looked around our home, it did not look “minimalistic”. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Then last week, as I was talking about the book with my friend (who by the way did not like the Marie Kondo system/book) , she introduced me to a new term – “hygge” (pronounced HOO-gah). I googled it and this whole new world opened up.
Hygge, is a Danish word that has become a lifestyle trend (not sure where I was when this was all happening…). It can be roughly translated into English as “cozy”  and is meant to describe the atmosphere of one’s home, the people you are with and the intention to create a “sanctuary”.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe trend is about comfort, having good time with good people and good food. It entails dim lights, candles, plants, boho chic and any touches that make home a really cozy and warm place where people like to gather and hang out.
Apparently Danes created “hygge” to overcome cold, dark days and boredom, trying to find comfort and happiness in daily rituals, gatherings and turn them into an art form.
Looking around our home and remembering that many of our guests and friends comment that our place feels “cozy”, I realized that for me, it was not minimalism, but that “hygee” is the right word to describe how I like my world to look like.
So here we go – pieces of “hygge” at our place – below and above. Are you living “hygge” too?



5 thoughts on “Minimalist or Just “Hygge”?

  1. Maja, your house is so you. It is hygge! I am always so happy to be with you specially in your cozy “nest”. Love it! Photos are fantastic.


    • Dear Ivanka, Thanks! I know we have similar taste and love for good design and cozy feel! Your house feels the same – warm, comfortable, inviting– with always amazing food waiting on the table and other deliciousness in the oven!


    • Kimberly, thanks! I know what you mean. I am not very attached to things but I like my place to feel cozy of course (and have few items I love). But some members of my family like to hold on to their things so I try my best to de-clutter periodically and reduce my stuff, just like you…It is all about a balance!


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