Art around Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC



March Sunday afternoon. Too cold outside for my taste. Weatherman says that snow is coming on Monday evening (really?). Some art was needed urgently to warm us up. We headed over to Hirshhorn museum on the Mall.


Wall of beautiful orchids greeted us at the entrance

The Museum celebrates contemporary art and culture. Currently it has been in the news due to its highly popular Yayoi Kusama “Infinite Mirrors” exhibit – for which we did not get passes (there is a very competitive, on-line process to claim free passes). Nevertheless we had great time checking out the rest of the exhibit.


Yep, a whole wall of orchids

So as we kick off another (work/school/March) week, wishing warm, sunny spring would come sooner, here is a little art collage to inspire, uplift and warm up our souls and hearts.

Finally, when I saw this installation, I thought – any of us could recognize that moment when you think “full closet, but WHAT DO I WEAR NOW?”…so it goes…Happy Monday!


Nothing to wear…


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