Yayoi Kusama – Inside Infinity Mirror Rooms

unnamed (2)
Touted as ” the exhibit of the year”, “a must see”, the Hirshhorn exhibit of the legendary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has been the hottest ticket in Washington, DC these days.
Nope, I was not savvy (or organized) enough to set an alarm on my calendar and claim tickets on-line, released is small batches every Monday at noon on Hirshhorn web site. Thankfully, our friend Matt – world traveler, linguist, carpenter and amazing photographer – came for a visit. If anyone could have pulled it off – Matt could. Last week, one morning, while we were all at work/in school, he got to the Hirshhorn and (of course) managed to somehow obtain passes that somebody turned in as unclaimed.
When he told me the story of A) how he got the tickets and then B) how he charmed museum guards (and there are many, watching every access point to the exhibit to make sure “intruders”, i.e. those without passes, do not sneak in “illegally” or disrupt the quite orderly exhibit viewing) to let him take numerous pictures of the rooms with unobstructed view (even with the passes, there is quite a rigid system in place that allows visitors only 20 seconds or so per room to snap pictures and selfies), I asked if he would let me share some of the snaps so I could tell you this story. So thanks to Matt, we all get to admire some cool, super hot and quite amazing art installations of this critically acclaimed artist. Plus Matt’s pictures are such high quality! Enjoy!


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