A Tale of Cherry blossoms in the City

When I think of Washington DC, my current home, some associations come up: great museums (that are mostly free),  cool ethnic restaurants, my favorite neighborhood – Georgetown (or gorgeous town, as my friend Diana would say), favorite corners in Dupont circle (where I spent most of my early days in the city, some fifteen years ago), important buildings I admire (I wrote about the architecture of the U.S. Capitol and Library of Congress here). Then there are cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin and around Jefferson Memorial.
This last one has a very special meaning to me, as it was right at that time, during the cherry blossom peak, by the Jefferson Memorial, that my husband and I tied the knot, some fourteen years ago.

So when we moved back to DC, during the blossom peak last year, we wanted to go back to the spot and show the kids where we got married. Alas, we were just few days late, and the blossoms were already gone.
This year, we just had to be on alert, follow Washington Post cherry blossom updates and make sure we do it. And we did it. After a few days of cold and dreary March days, this past Saturday turned out to be warm, so we headed over. We, and thousands of other people, who flocked to the Tidal Basin to celebrate spring and a wonderful gift from Japanese government to the U.S. made back in 1912.

It is the biggest spring festival in the city. Professional photographers with their gear, families on picnic blankets, young bloggers with make-up cases and in cute clothes armed with Iphones or serious cameras – many people were out and about. The day was hazy (not the greatest light for picture-taking) and some cherry buds did not make it through the snow and cold of March. But we had lots of fun, walking around, enjoying the warm weather, people-watching and snapping pictures.



Everybody was out


Snow like


Around the Tidal Basin


The favorite float by majority of votes


Explosion of pink


Postcard shot



Hoping this post will make my good friend living in San Francisco area smile and wishing you all a good week ahead, with this additional collage below!


2 thoughts on “A Tale of Cherry blossoms in the City

  1. Yes, unfortunately the snow storm killed some of the buds so the blossoms were not as spectacular as when we got married but still, the blossoms looked pretty and it was a great day to be out and about… you never know with March! It got colder again…hope for some warmth soon!


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