Spring hike around Havre de Grace, Maryland and some business ideas that came to mind

Time spent in nature is good for the soul. It brings out the best in us. Tensions melt and energy levels go up. At least, this is how it is for this family. A day before Easter, we drove up towards the Ocean, about an hour and a half away from DC, to hike above the Susquehanna river in the Susquehanna state park and explore nearby town of Havre de Grace in Maryland.

20170415_141428.jpgDay was a bit overcast and hazy – but temperature was perfect for a tranquil hike starting from the river bank and the old Mill, and hiking up to the overlook.
A pond near by created by blocking off a stream running down the hill, made a small waterfall. Sound of the running water was extra zen .
Up we went admiring the tranquil forest just waking up from its winter sleep and growing green.

My younger son and I love to explore wild flowers and we took many pictures of the beautiful shapes and colors along the way. Taking in the atmosphere is what I call a meditation.
20170415_144603.jpgOn the top, a beautiful meadow and an ancient stone wall awaited us. And then we had another surprise waiting.
An old farm with an incredibly view, was transformed into what looked like an amazing event venue. In fact as we strolled by and explored its many features (chicken coop, old stables, the farm house, old machinery..), guests were gathering for what was promising to be a beautiful wedding.

Oh, the old farm was adorable and some business ideas came to mind. How come we did not think of accruing an old farm and turning it into an event venue?


20170415_145254.jpgThe site was enchanting and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring it. Wherever we looked, a picture perfect site was in front of us.


Bonfire anyone?

We hiked back down and hopped into the car to head over to the town of Havre de Grace (some photographs from the town in the next blog post). Thanks for taking the stroll with us. I hope you feel more zen now. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!



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