Flea Market Magic and Georgetown Corners

Georgetown is one of my favorite places in Washington DC. If you’ve followed me for a bit, you already knew this. I wrote about it here and here and here. It is quaint, vibrant …and while M street offers (to my delight) a more European shopping and dining experience, with its street cafes, restaurant gardens, and boutiques, the part I enjoy the most is wandering about tree-lined streets in a more residential area, admiring brownstones, colors of facades, flower boxes and beds, and the old cobble stone. 


Color in Gtown


Angles and curves


Pistachio and grey

On a recent Sunday afternoon, we strolled around, again discovering new corners, windows, colors, angles and architecture.


Framed by the roses

After a perfect ice cream break on a hot day, we realized we were very close to one of the most magical places in the neighborhood – Georgetwon flea market. So being the explorers that we are, we rushed over to check it out.
Oh flea markets!…I could wander around them for hours, exploring the objects, trying to imagine their history and hunting for little treasures.
The one in Georgetown is old, well established Sunday affair situated at the top of Wisconsin Ave.


Loved the green glass whale


Asian affair

Our boys, little budding explorers like us, enjoyed perusing stalls and isles. Flea markets are a great place for kids: old toys, swords, car plates, and weird objects that spur immagination.


Looking for CA plate…not there


American flag necklace anyone?


About projectors and clocks


Buttons with messages

So many treasures around, objects to explore and magic to discover (or invent) – perfect Sunday afternoon adventure.

I found my treasure in a form of a beautiful Tibetan bead necklace. Don’t you just love that clasp?
Where did you find some magic lately? Wishing you a great week…

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