Fun at the Urban Pool, the Yards, Washington, DC

I come from a family of architects and civil engineers, the black sheep that I am with my legal background. While I love things I am able to do in my job, architecture and design are my soul food. So I was particularly thrilled when we decided to check out new urban development by the Anacostia river in  South East Washington DC called the Yards.
This young urban oases (previous an industrial zone with factories and warehouses) , touted as a community development where one can “live right, work well, play hard”, seems to offer it all…and “served” right by the water. Scrumptious restaurants, amazing services and luxurious living – all smack in the middle of Washington, DC. I was mostly impressed by the modern architecture and the urban planning that seems to have done a great job of incorporating all aspects of a modern lifestyle into a wonderful place to hang out. Let’s see some of the details and bow to the great designs (are we in Europe, Copenhagen maybe?)


Entrance to an apartment building


By the water boardwalk – done right


Retail space? Whatever it is – looks amazing

We were all by far most impressed by the urban pool concept which seems to have been embraced by the residents and visitors. Look at this amazing urban beach – kids and adults having a great time in the summer heat.


the beach


Love the design of the overpass – view from the fountain



My younger son splashing around


Cooling off


Funky view from behind a man-made waterfall

We strolled some more, checked out a local design concept store Steadfast Supply.


Beautiful colors of the pillows

Had a mandatory (great, local) ice cream. Flavors like lavender-vanilla and coconut- lychee fruit sorbet were tasted by this ice cream loving family.


Line worth the wait

Strolled some more…


No, we’re not at the seaside – it feels like it a lot

What a fun afternoon in the city! Enjoy some more snaps and wishing you a great week ahead!

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