A Peek inside the White House

With the summer in full swing, it has been busy few weeks for our family. I flew to my hometown Belgrade (Serbia) to take our boys for a month-long visit (will share some snippets from summery Begrad soon; in the mean time, you can read about winter in Belgrade here and here). Upon return, I got an email reminder that our tour of the White House was coming up. I had arranged it few months ago through our Congressman – the only way to do it, as a tourist.
So in the spirit of our “House of Cards” tours (you can see the other stories here and here), we ventured off to check out the inside of one of the most famous addresses in the world – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.
Upon multiple security checks, we finally made it inside.


Home theater, Presidential way

One of my favorite rooms is this home movie theater, in pink and fuchsia tones. If chilly, help yourself to the navy blue blankets with presidential seal. Popcorn anyone?


Pearls on the ceiling

This it the amazing mid-century modern light fixture on the ceiling of the WH movie theater. How cool is that…Can I have one in my living room?
As we strolled down corridors of the East Wing, we glanced at the perfectly manicured gardens inside.
Multiple representation and meeting rooms lined the hallways. The neoclassical style of the space was opulent, as one would expect. As for me, I get excited about these super luxurious chandeliers – the size, the crystals and the shimmer ooze glamour.


The Green salon


Nice shade of green on the walls

I found too much gold in the Blue room, but hey, others might disagree!


The Red Room


Oh, that billion dollar view!


The longest dinning table in the world

Fresh yellow flowers liven up the space! Love.



My favorite room is below.


For a more intimate dining experience

The artdeco tea set and the contemporary paintings on the walls – I approve.

Until the next time. Enjoy the summer!


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