Serenity in the Garden of Lotus and Water Lily Flowers

A few weeks back, we spent a couple of hours admiring a delicate beauty of these wonderful exotic flowers. We also learned the difference between lotus and water-lily flowers. Did you know that lotus flowers emerge from the water and shoot up so their beautiful crowns stay erect above the water, while water lily flowers (which are more common in US and Europe at least) float on the water surface. I have been meaning to share their exquisiteness with you for some time, so here we go.
Walking around the magnificent Kenilworth Park and Aquatic gardens was like being suddenly awaken in a wonderland, with these really tall and beautiful flowers everywhere you look.
In addition to the soft pink shades of the petals and their cotton ball like appearance, shapes and shades of green of their round leaves were amazing.

We were there during the peak bloom. Pictures speak louder then any words, so just enjoy the beauty, and try to visit if you happen to be in the neighborhood.
Don’t you just feel the calm and peaceful energy coming out of the water and the landscape. Makes me want to pull out my meditation pillow and get into zen right away!



Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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