Apple picking 2017 and other Fall adventures

This family loves apples. My younger son is known to munch through 3-4 apples a day. I always keep a bowl full of (washed) apples on our dinning table for visitors (and us) to help themselves. Needless to say, supply goes out fast.
Apple picking is one of those Fall must-do family activities if you live in DC area. Just like wearing plaid, attending kids’ sports games, chilling around fire pit, making s’mores, drinking pumpkin spice latte and getting ready for Halloween are. Family life in the US has its rhythm and we have gotten into it. The only thing making things a bit weird this year has been hot and humid October, us still wearing shorts and generally being too hot for a cozy Fall fire. But it is coming…
Going back to our apple picking 2017…With all sport games and practices canceled (yeah!), this Columbus Day holiday weekend we got out-of-town and to the Mackintosh fruit farm.  Last year, we did apple picking here.  Both places were lot of fun – I mean, walking among rows of apple trees, admiring rolling hills and picking these super fresh and sweet treasures (that have no relation to the supermarket apple relatives) – no complaints.  Mackintosh farm had a small caffee wich served lunch food, pies and sold produce (and flowers) – so pretty convenient.

How excited were we when we found out that one of our favorite apple varieties, Fuji apples, were ready for picking – yum!
We took our puppy Stella (who turned 6 months recently) along and she was pretty well-behaved, sniffing apples on the ground, trying to find some shade.
Directions were given at the check in, and with plastic bags provided by the Farm, off we went, up the hill, on a dirt road and among apple trees.

The Farm had a small pumpkin patch where we did a quick photo shoot, staring mommy holding a medium size specimen.

With three large bags full of apples, a pumpkin and some fresh tomatoes, we drove off to nearby town of Berryville in search of locally made ice cream.
We found some good ice cream – check this one out, nestled between two giant chocolate chip cookies, picked by my younger son. My other son got a peach milk shake – OMG, yummy! My kids know how to pick their deserts. Strolling about, we spent almost half an hour in this cute fair trade little shop (wondering how the owners came up with the idea to open such place in the middle of this tiny little town?) and got this super colorful African basket (perfect for holding all the apples; one can never have too many baskets), admired their pin board (where shop visitors can mark places they come from in the US) and played with all the cute stuffed animals from Kenya.

I was kind of mesmerized by this 3D painting – wondering how I could get into the picture and the field of tulips.
Off we continued to Leesburg (mostly known apparently for its high-end Outlets, which we did not visit this time). Had some good (locally owned) coffee and checked out few antique shops.
Old theaters in small towns are my passion – liked the angle.
Light was awesome.
This street corner…I mean!
And, at the end, how cute was this? An old wooden bench and doggy treats. Namaste sign in the back – what a gentle soul! Wishing you a grand week.



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