December at the Wharf – New DC Waterfront

It has been too long since I wrote my last blog post. The Fall is generally busy, especially with boys’ games and errands. Now that we have Stella, we usually take her for longer hikes and walks over the weekends too (during the working week she gets only standard, neighborhood walks).  Finally, as we prepare for our next move to Tbilisi, Georgia in the summer (yeah! excited!), I feel we have not done as many short trips as previous spring and Fall.  We have basically exhausted the fun, short trips list, it seems!

But last weekend was super warm and nice, we had extra time, so we went exploring. This time to the newly-developed waterfront in South-West DC – Wharf (Wharf actually means a dock or a pier, a place where boats can dock). This area, previously a home to many warehouses and only famous for housing DC’s biggest fish market, was neglected and unused. Architecture and design lovers, read on – many creative and fun solutions below for public areas by the water. Talking about transformation!
Like this giant fire pit, surrounded by comfy Adirondack style chairs – so you don’t freeze sitting and admiring a sunset over the river.
According to an already established success formula for modern waterfronts, promenade is lined with modern high-rise condo buildings with commercial retail on the ground. Restaurants, many pretty upscale, it seemed, were full and rocking on this wonderful sunny Sunday.
My (and my younger son’s) favorite part by far was the play area and a long pier with giant swings, another fire pit and decking that lured kids to slide.
These funky floating grassy areas looked like they needed some TLC.
Did I mention how fun was sliding down these slick wooden surfaces.
Many fun opportunities to sit and admire the views.
And we can predict that this fountain will be a hit in the summer.
It is about 10 pm here in Washington, Eastern Time. My bed time. So I leave you with couple of photos taken by my personal amazing photographer – my teenage (he is, isn’t he?!) son. If you want to check out the other DC water front post, please see here. Otherwise – Good night!


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