Mood Board – November-December 2017

My older son (the teenager) often teases me about taking pictures with my phone all the time.  I know, sometimes I need to chill and forget about it. But then if I did, I would not now have this beautifully serene picture of Shenandoah mountains and the valley I took as we were driving home, after a hike in the mountains in Virginia. NO filter.
So here is another one of the Mood boards – this one covers November and part of December. Sight, tastes and smells that inspire. Memories I tried to capture and share with you: I traveled to Belgrade to visit my family – hence some shots from there, including my mom’s succulents, apperol spritz I had with my sister watching sunset over Sava river and some good food (cevapi! teleca corba!) by the open fire in Zuce mount. My nieces’ doll sleeping in her wooden crib. My teenager and I ran 5K race …and finished it – proud of us. Fall on the East coast is the most beautiful. I LOVE shoes. Cookies we baked and some wine and cheese with friends. Amazing roasted turkey my husband prepared for Thanksgiving. Our post-Thanksgiving hike in the woods and beginning of Christmas decorations. I hope you’re having a hygge winter, wherever you are!

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