Best 6-minute chocolate cake and other winter fun

With a number of January birthdays in this family, I was super excited to come across this very simple recipe that makes a super yummy chocolate cake.  In fact, it was my older son who discovered it when he was over at our friends’ house cooking with their  son.
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Happy 2018!

Happy New Year guys! I hope that 2018 brings you what you need, and more.
As for us, 2018 – please bring us lots of laughs, plenty of sun, friends (old and new), family together, music always on, hearty soups (and other yummy foods), killer shoes, obedient dogs, polite children,  ice cream, interesting stories and few good adventures (well, at least one is guaranteed as we will make a big move from Washington to Tbilisi, Georgia this summer!).  What is on your wish list?