Adored Palacinke


While our boys like American pancakes, there is something comforting and indulgent in having French (or Serbian) style crepes for breakfast. It mostly happens on weekends that I have time to whip up a few (or a pile), which makes them even more special. Add some jam or better yet Nutella and you have two happy boys (and their mama who likes occasional palacinka too). Crepes also get a high score with all the sleepover playmates so they are all around Happiness.

So without further delay, let me share the classic recipe – 3 main ingredients including flour, milk and eggs…that help kick off a great day.

2 cups flour
3 eggs
2 tbs sugar
1/4 cup soft (melted) butter
3 cups milk (added slowly, 1/4 cup at the time)
Heat a flat round crepes pan at high heat. Mix flour, eggs, sugar and butter, adding milk slowly and whisking it all up. I use handheld blender to make sure all ingredients mix well. You want batter to be smooth and silky – not too thin and not too thick. Using a ladle, pour batter into the hot pan, swirling immediately to fill the round pan and form the crepe shape. Let it cook on one side until it turns golden yellow, then using a dull knife, gently peel off the edges and flip the crepe to the other side (which only needs few seconds to be done). Slide crepe into a round platter and repeat.

Bon apetit!


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