Hi, I am Maja (Maya). Welcome to my site. I am a forty something wife and mom to two amazing boys.  Born and raised in Vracar, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia), for the past twenty or so years, I have lived elsewhere. Due to my husband’s work, we move every few years, seeking new adventures, setting up home where ever that is (currently in the U.S. – just outside Washington, DC), cooking and exploring our way through. In love with nice textiles, well designed furniture pieces, interior decoration, yoga, architecture, flowers, good food, good shoes and funky shapes – I try to pay a bit more attention to the world around me.  I started the blog with an idea to share a view from my “window” – good vibes, things that inspire me and that I find beautiful. I hope you can find some of my ruminations, pictures and information a good resource, useful or just plain fun. I would love to get your thoughts and feedback. Enjoy your stroll through my pages and thank you for visiting!

Contact: majchesite@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. i love your blog, Maja! I enjoy looking at the pictures you’e selected (especially the stones, so smooth and serene) and reading about the various things that strike your fancy. Seeing pics of Sash are fun, too. Please write more about where you’ve lived and your decoration inspiration.


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