Happy 2018!

Happy New Year guys! I hope that 2018 brings you what you need, and more.
As for us, 2018 – please bring us lots of laughs, plenty of sun, friends (old and new), family together, music always on, hearty soups (and other yummy foods), killer shoes, obedient dogs, polite children,  ice cream, interesting stories and few good adventures (well, at least one is guaranteed as we will make a big move from Washington to Tbilisi, Georgia this summer!).  What is on your wish list?


Christmas cookies and other good things

It is Christmas eve day. It is pretty quiet and relaxed around here. No metro to catch, lunches to pack, homework to check or groceries to buy. At least for couple of days. A pause, a break. For my types – I finally have some time to blog (I know this post is a bit late, sorry), clean up and (re) organize around here (in the spirit of my minimalism going on hygge kick), prepare recipes I have been collecting (but had no time to prepare since they require either fancy ingredients or too much time), go for a run with my teenager and hang out with family. Well, also eat too many cookies. Which brings me back to my blog post. Cookies. Christmas or any day cookies to bake. I wanted to share recipes for the two kinds we made this Christmas, so that Santa would not leave our house hungry.
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September Mood Board

In the second half of September, the weather here on the East Coast has been phenomenal, sunny, with just a hint of Fall felt mostly during our evening walks with Stella the dog. Soon it will be time to gather around our fire pit and make some s’mores, go apple picking and get those costumes ready for Halloween! Pumpkin everything is around us! It has been a busy time: we went back to school (don’t you love the student painted tiles on my son’s elementary school facade below?), celebrated an important birthday, admired amazing mushrooms during a hike, snapped some photos of wonderful architecture and interiors (went to the Georgetown flea market again), had more ice cream and cooked some tasty food – roasted Brussels-sprouts anyone? Stella has grown so much – almost six months old! I hope you’re having a good late September! Mood board below.
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Summer 2017 Mood Board

How is your summer going? Since I have not done a monthly mood board for a while, I thought that, as we approach the end of summer (oh no!), I would do a summer 2017 mood board as a medley of sights and moods we have been in over the past few months. Summer sky is my favorite – especially at dusk or early morning, when the light is amazing. Don’t you love it…Here we go:
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April Mood Board

As I look through the window, wind is blowing, it is over cast and rain is imminent. I feel fully ready for stable, sunny and warm late spring – early summer. Dinners outside, sandals and shorts, balmy evening walks in the neighborhood and day trips (where my photos will turn out great, since it is sunny). No, I do not mind the notorious DC humidity, nor mosquitoes and bugs – just sun, please.
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A personal quest for a better sleep

20170329_081521.jpgSo this is an atypical post by me. I was not even sure under which of my categories it should go. So I put it under Inspirations – as it might provide some new ideas for those interested. Considering that SLEEP has been on my mind a lot lately, and that more the one friend told me about their sleep issues, I thought I’d share some thoughts on the subject and seek your feedback and insights…
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Mood Board – April 1

Wow, what a month! We’ve had warmth and sun and snow and rain and wind. Moody March has been true to its reputation. The snow destroyed some cherry blossom buds, but we still enjoyed the trees in bloom. Kids love metro. A bit of art and architecture, always yummy food. My boys’ favorite Air and Space museum. Friends over for some wine and cheese. My BoConcept armchair got a side kick – a colorful pouf for my feet. Now reading corner is complete. And did I ever mention how much I love shoes. Pictures below.
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Mood Board – March 7

February was super warm and we enjoyed the sun. I guess we are now paying for it with moody March weather. We did few weekend trips – explored town of Culpeper in Virginia. Played some tennis. Went to a beach. Climbed and hiked. Had a beer in Annapolis, by the ocean. Learnt more at the U.S. Capitol and Library of Congress. Cooked and ate some good food. Smelled like Caudalie. Now –onward to full spring, hopefully!
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