Mood Board – March 7

February was super warm and we enjoyed the sun. I guess we are now paying for it with moody March weather. We did few weekend trips – explored town of Culpeper in Virginia. Played some tennis. Went to a beach. Climbed and hiked. Had a beer in Annapolis, by the ocean. Learnt more at the U.S. Capitol and Library of Congress. Cooked and ate some good food. Smelled like Caudalie. Now –onward to full spring, hopefully!
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February on the beach at the Sandy Point, Maryland


Off season still looking good

We’ve been lucky with a rather mild winter this year in our neck of the woods (shhh, don’t let my boys know since they have been quite disappointed by the lack of snow sledding opportunities). So when the weatherman announced a sunny and unusually warm holiday (President’s Day) weekend, we headed to a beach at the Salty Point State Park, 45 minute drive away from Washington, DC.
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Delightful Culpeper, Virginia


Colors of building fronts

Pistachio, lavender, vanilla – does it get better than that? The colors of facades, old civil war architecture, cute shops featuring local artists, woodwork, carefully curated clothing, furniture, antiques and food (local honey, fresh-baked bread, preserves, real ice cream – anyone?), quaint “farm-to-table” restaurants…exploring small towns in Virginia and Maryland, mostly an hour away from Washington, DC has been such a treat.
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Diplomatic Rooms of the State Department


John Quincy Adams State Drawing Room – details in mosaic at the bottom

I am a fan of “House of Cards” show: Washington politics, halls of power, when upper crust meets city underbelly and personal ambitions clash with the traditional values America is proud of. Bring on intrigue and political drama! So I naturally jumped at a recent opportunity to tour the State Department’s famous “8th floor”, where the official representational diplomatic rooms are.
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Mood Board – February 2

January birthdays in our family. Snow! Even for just a day. It made everything angelic. Hiked in extreme cold was worth it as we got to see all the ice on the Great Falls water. Had few good cups of hot chocolate. And lots of tea. Admired colors of sugar cookies made by a colleague, some cool architecture, lights and mosaics. Enjoyed some swingin’ on a duck. Aperol spritz made me think of summer. A wonderful reflection on the river made amazing photographs. Veggies on an aisle make good Instagram shots. Evening shots while walking back home from work. Discovered “hygee”.
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Best veggie curry (in a hurry)

It has been a while since I have shared a recipe. Lately, I have not had that much time to think meals through and document all recipes worth sharing. But stay put – plenty more mouth-watering recipes will be coming in the future. Once a week, I make a veggie curry, a favorite during these colder days. Wonderful, flavorful and healthy vegetarian option for lunch or dinner. Anything with coconut milk, please! Continue reading

Waterfront at the National Harbor, Maryland

Just 25 minutes drive from our house in Arlington, Virginia (and 15 minutes drive from downtown DC) lies a recently developed waterfront on Potomac river – National Harbor. On a wet, but mild, winter afternoon, we headed over to check it out and stroll along the river. We hung out at the marina, admiring the Ferris wheel, perusing shops, drinking hot chocolate and climbing the giant “Awakening” statue. Fun afternoon!
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